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Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr Nick Delgado, PHD, ABAAHP, CHT, is considered one of the leading experts on anti-aging and lifestyle medicine in the world leading Forum articles and discussions where he educates an audience of 26,000 physicians from around the globe. He is located in Costa Mesa, California—where he hosts weekly web classes and podcasts on with Dr Nick Delgado on itunes. Dr. Delgado’s passion for health was sparked when he suffered a stroke at the age of 23. He was able to lose 55 pounds and coming off his blood pressure medication in only five months. Shortly thereafter, he became the director of the Pritikin Better Health Program of the Nathan Pritikin Longevity Center. Nick Delgado when he was over the age of 52 broke the world record for curls with 50 lbs, doing 1038 curls in one hour, he is the holder of the world record in Strength Endurance for lifting 50,640 pounds overhead in one hour, also leading Team USA to #1 in the world. Now 63, Delgado offers a $1,000 Challenge remaining undefeated in lifting Dumbbells from the side to completely over head against pro and amateur Athletes. Dr Delgado is the formulator for Delgado Protocol whole food nutritional supplements and the author of Simply Healthy oil free plant based protein cookbook, and his newest release "Annihilate Acne Naturally," co-authored with Sonia Badreshia Bansal MD, Dermatologist. Find him at

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